أخبار ساخنة

... ‏JALOO‏...Translated by Hamid Alshammari ‎

Shukur Hachim Al-Salihi
Translated by Hamid Alshammari 

She is a female with extravagant sedition
Waiting the lovers at the door of the cable car 
With the eagerness of a lovesick heart 
In the forests of daffodils and royal work
My fascinating beloved dances 
With the beauty of the chubby body
Jaloos is my soul sweetheart and compass,
My refuge when the oven gushes forth water
And the beaches overflow
My friend, Khusro,
Has a ritual to seduce time
And chase the deer on
The sand of the sea 
The language of silence sometimes betrays him 
So the rope of patience drags him
And the chalets wrangle with him
In the conclusion of the matter
Sometimes he elaborates on furnishing Jaloos nights
With laments of Desht agony 
And the poems of Ferdousi and Hafidh
Sometimes the butterflies of evening party 
Lure him with sweets
So he dives into the depths of embers
Until the tide throws him over the chest dunes
And he does not wake up
Only after the smelling of perfume
And my friend Khusro
Is a tactful boy at the age of roses
Kneaded with kindness and associated with love
In a wink of an eye
He understands what some companions want
In Rasht I got to know him
And chose his love
Among the crowds of people
Till this day
He is proficient in swathing the heart wounds 
The sweet will remain in my memory
No matter how different the steps of the road are 
And my friend Khusro remains
One of the noblest 
Of all friends