أخبار ساخنة

NARRATIONS_Anmar Merdan Translated by Hamid Alshammari ‎

Anmar Merdan 
Translated by Hamid Alshammari 

Perhaps I will be beautiful one day 
Wearing a shirt without color
Walking around the sea 
Though I have not seen it
Throwing my question towards God 
And explaining the words 
Of the passersby around me.
Perhaps I will not be beautiful at all
Cursing my face whenever 
A woman or a mirror came near it
The strange thing in the idea is that 
I am alone when I pray
I do not need a beard which I hunt my disappointment with 
I may be the absent
And everyone waits for my clarity 
And there is no replier 
I may be a poet and here is the disaster
I throw my words to any beggar 
Who is ashamed to tell me 
That I am very empty 
And I maybe