أخبار ساخنة

Like a dancer's blinkA theater desireMy world is clamorous with you

من أنتَ 
لتعلمني كيف يحاك الظلام؟
انا مذ غزلتني أمي 
والأرق خيوط ليلتها.

who are you
To teach me how to weave the dark?
I have been since my mother spun me
And the sleeplessness is the threads of her night

عتاب وظل 
اتبادل معك الأشتعال

As a stove
And a cigarette
Admonition and shadow  
I exchange ignition with you

كاغماضة راقصة 
ورغبة مسرح 
صاخب عالمي بك

Like a dancer's blink
A theater desire
My world is clamorous with you